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While Deer Fern Farms has been actively breeding numerous Uromastyx and tortoise species since 1992, various circumstances largely centered around complications from the massive Oso, WA Land slide, resulted in our relocating, under short notice, from Washington state to central Florida in 2016. Due to severe time constraints and numerous complications involved with the 3000 mile move as well as having to build new facilities from scratch in the dead of winter, we ended up drastically reducing our breeding projects as well as most our mature breeders. On the plus side, we purchased 9+ wooded acres in the "hills" of  coastal west-central Florida that should prove to be excellent environmental conditions for the primary species we work with. Most of 2016-17 has been spent getting new facilities up and operational. We've also spent the time actively acquiring select new juvenile stock, seeking out individuals which possess specific traits we find most desirable for continuing our priority breeding programs.  So while we still hope to produce a few species in 2017, most our breeders won't be online till 2018-19.  In the meantime feel free to e-mail us with questions and species you are looking for and we'll help you as best we can.  I apologize in advance if I am slow getting back to some e-mails as most my time for the current year will be spent outdoors working on the property with little time on the computer.  I will reinstate all the ordering pages, if only in reduced form, and start the process of updating all my web pages as time permits. In the meantime, most pages will be out-of date as far as current breeders and production status. We are not taking phone calls at this time, in part because I won't be near the land line phone much and cell phone service is spotty.  If you need to reach me, please use our e-mail listed below. 


Also note, Florida does not allow the breeding and selling of Eastern Box Turtles.  So for all of those who have been asking about those, please note we can no longer work with them and have sold off all our box turtles before making the move. 


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