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PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of moving from Washington state to central Florida in early 2016.  So we will be closed for business from approx. Dec 21, 2015 until sometime probably in late February or March  2016. Please do not place any online orders during that time. Also our phones will be changing so the current one will no longer be correct. Our E-mail address will remain the same, however I likely will not have internet up and running again till late January. So I will not be able to reply to any e-mails for awhile. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will be back up and running once we settle in the animals into their new facilities.  I'll reinstate our Show Schedule once we are open again. THANKS! 



Recommended Links


Ship Your Reptiles ----------------- Safest and least expensive way to ship your reptiles for novice or infrequent shippers

Kemp Incubators ------------------- Source for Reliable small Incubators for those getting started.

Weather Underground ------------   Site for checking air temperatures around the country before shipping live specimens

The Reptile Report  ----------------   News and Discussions of Events in the Reptile World


Plants for A Future ------------   Data Base for Plant Uses / Nutritional Content, etc.

USDA Nutrient Data Base ------------   Data Base for Nutritional Content of foods.

UroNature  -------------------------------   A web site posting field collected information in Israel

Slavens Herpetological Website ----  Worldwide Repository for Longevity/Breeding Records

Oregon F&W Prohibited Species List -------- Reptiles and other wildlife Not permitted to own or sell in Oregon.

Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society --- Washington State resource for budding reptile enthusiasts.



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