Gila Monsters



{Note: As of 2015 we have temporarily ended our Gila project.  I hope to try again at a later date but for now we will no longer have any Gilas available.}

Gila's are easily one of the most spectacular reptiles found in North America. There are two very similar subspecies: Heloderma suspectum suspectum (the Reticulated Gila found in the southern portion of their range), and  H. suspectum cinctus (the rarer Banded Gila, from the northern extreme of their range). I've always been interested in them but could never justify the expense (plus we've never had direct access to any to selectively pick from, which is more or less a requirement of mine). By odd circumstance, an old local customer of ours bought a large group of yearling reticulated Gila's and offered us some of his holdbacks in trade for some of our in-house breeders from a couple of our side projects.  I couldn't say no. Thus began our foray into Gila's. Even odder, the very next week, another  customer/friend of ours offered me a very nice 2 1/2 year old Banded Gila as part of the purchase price for some of our extra Star tortoises. While considering  that offer, the next day a really showy, truly unique 4 year old male Banded Gila was offered  for sale on one of the reptile forums at a reasonably decent price. So clearly the reptile gods wanted me to get into Gilas!  Who am I to argue??

Our first "definite female" proved after brumation to be a male, so after a little more adding and subtracting from the group, we ultimately ended up with what should be 2 male and 1 female young adult Banded Gilas.  Our males cycled for 2014 but our girl chose to pass on breeding for the year. Everyone looked good going into the fall hibernation for the 2015 season but we lost the female right at the end of brumation.  So I'm back to looking for a nice Banded female Gila to try to get this project off the ground.   


 "The Fisher King" (adult male Banded Gila)  "Lynn" male Banded Gila



 "Bushmaster" (adult female Banded Gila)  "Lynn" and "Bushmaster" Banded Gila
   Some of our breeders





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